The Battle Continues: A massive turnout to protect our right to self-defense at the state house yesterday


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In a coordinated effort among the numerous pro-Second Amendment organizations in Rhode Island, we activated again over 3,000 patriots to storm the Rhode Island State House to demand that our political leadership take their hands off our obvious and natural right to self defense.  Those who opposed us numbered about a dozen busybodies looking to tell you what you can and cannot do to defend your life and your family.

From 9 PM on Tuesday to about 2 AM on Wednesday, honorable and brave Rhode Islanders kept the House Judiciary Committee up and listening to the myriad of reasons why the laws they are pushing are truly un-American.  Whether it's limits on firearm magazine capacity, restrictions on lawful concealed carry rights, or attempts to increase the age of lawful firearm possession, it was undoubtedly shown that such laws will only empower would-be murderers while leaving those most vulnerable in our society defenseless. 

It is truly an inspiration to see such an effort put forth every year by these great Americans, and the RI Self Defense Alliance is truly grateful for everyone's efforts.  One must keep in mind though that despite this awesome turnout, these bills were not removed from consideration, only held for further study.  They could still be voted on and passed this year.

Someday though, the huge majority of anti-gun legislators will win unless the cancer they represent is extracted from the General Assembly.

Unfortunately, it is only a matter of time.  This is why the same laws are introduced every year.  Want proof?  See here; clips from one evening of testimony against anti-gun legislation from last year:


The RI Self Defense Alliance has the experience, expertise, and legal ability to truly affect election outcomes, but we need your help.

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