A sea of yellow shirts Tuesday April 2: Rally at the Rhode Island State House

A massive showing of yellow shirts supporting our right to defend ourselves and our families is no accident.  Common sense dictates that criminals do not follow gun restriction laws, but law-abiding citizens do.  This puts good people at serious risk and many of the people who comprise the General Assembly seems obsessed with making you the next victim.

This Tuesday, April 2nd, yet again we need to stand up for our obvious and natural right to defend ourselves.  Until the Rhode Island Self Defense Alliance achieves our goal of removing from office all enemies of the Second Amendment in Rhode Island, we must fight this battle every time it rears its ugly head.

The statement of 10,000 yellow shirts speaks more loudly to the offenders of our Second Amendment rights than anything else.  But these shirts do not appear out of thin air. Our friends are offering these shirts to make that statement every time we must stand up for our rights at the State House, and a donation to them will ensure the strongest statement we can make is made as loud as it can be:


Please go to www.rifol.org, select "donate," and use PayPal for an easy and secure donation method.

You can also make Credit Card donations on that link. 

RIFOL is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization without limitations on the contribution amount and businesses can also make donations.

Checks can be mailed to:  RIFOLPO Box 226 Fiskeville, RI 02823

Please Share and thank you in advance for your support.

Rally Details:

When: Tuesday, April 2nd, any time after 4:00

Where: RI State House (park across the street at RI DOH after 4 PM or at the Providence Place Mall)

Bring 3 of your friends and/or family members!

What: Read about the bills here. (Lower half of bills listed)

You DO NOT have to stay the entire night. There will be yellow t-shirts for free as well as pizza/snacks (due to generous donations from the 2A community).

The Senate is scheduled to hear all gun bills on Tuesday April 2nd. We need yellow shirts to show up at the statehouse again. We knocked it out of the park a couple weeks ago. We ALL NEED TO COME TOGETHER AS ONE.

Please join and support the RISDA TODAY:

The RI Self Defense Alliance is dedicated to removing from office all enemies of the Second Amendment.

When we are successful, rallies at the State House to preserve our rights will be a thing of the past:


Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.