Gun Control Plus Defunding the Police Equals YOU in Chains


Either by coincidence or design, there is an extraordinarily dangerous threat to Rhode Islanders brewing in the General Assembly.  For years, leftist politicians chipped away at your right to self-defense.  Whether it be the age in which one can buy a firearm, limiting magazine capacity, or banning the only firearms such as the AR-15 that can defend you and your family from a vicious and destructive mob, leftist politicians relentlessly attacked our right to keep and bear arms for decades.

Now, they want to defund the police and seem more dedicated than ever to render you and your children defenseless.

This election season, at best, is going to be rocky.  Now more than ever Rhode Islanders need a courageous advocate for America and our citizens.  Make no mistake, our future, our freedom, and our lives are on the line this year. 

If the political left gets its way in Rhode Island, the police will be disbanded, many of the firearms you purchased previously will make you a de facto criminal, and your family will be made a mere subject forced to submit to the whims of the next angry mob with little means of stopping them.

The Rhode Island Self Defense Alliance is a 501-C-4 organization.  This means:

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  • We are a fully volunteer organization; all dollars go towards our goal of eliminating all threats to the 2A in Rhode Island.
  • The RI Self Defense Alliance is a proud partner of the Gaspee Project, a top non-profit political activist organization in Rhode Island, and THE LARGEST conservative activist group in all of Rhode Island.

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