Has Your Physician Asked You About Gun Ownership? Expose them here!

More and more every day in Rhode Island we have government encroaching on our privacy and our rights.  In a state in which leftists have controlled the General Assembly for over 80 years, changing this is a serious, difficult, and long term effort for which no one who supports the Rhode Island Self Defense Alliance will ever give up.

Yet as with all private enterprise, affecting a free market operation is comparatively easy.  Unlike government that most often operates behind closed doors and the only opportunity to contain it occurs every few years, businesses can be exposed in real time and at any time.

It has come to the attention of the Rhode Island Self Defense Alliance that some physicians and pediatricians are requesting information from patients and parents about their ownership of firearms.  Not only is this not relevant to their job to keep us healthy, it is a clear violation of our right to privacy.  Therefore, the RISDA is asking all supporters to expose these doctors and medical workers for their assault on our Second Amendment rights and privacy by exposing them for what they are:  Busybodies who care more about being a tool of politicians and government than a caring health care provider.

We are asking all of our supporters to expose these businesses so that the Second Amendment community in Rhode Island can make informed and logical decisions on who they patronize with their health care dollars.

IMPORTANT:  The RISDA will NEVER share information regarding who submitted this information, your anonymity is safe with us.  We simply ask that you submit the health care provider's name, address, and if possible a scanned image of the questionnaire or survey.  You are welcome to block any reference to you or your family member.  If this is not possible, we have graphic designers who can do this for you.

Thank you for your support,

The Rhode Island Self Defense Alliance

If you have an image of the questionnaire the physician gave you, please email an image of it to [email protected]

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