ACTION this week to protect our Second Amendment Rights in Rhode Island



This week is critical in the fight to preserve our obvious and natural right to defend ourselves and our families in Rhode Island.  The "Progressives" are out in full force seeking to create a situation in which all law abiding citizens are left as easy prey to criminals who ignore the restrictions placed upon the rest of us by politicians who are more concerned about their agenda than truly saving lives.

This Tuesday, March 6th at 3PM there will be a pro-gun, pro-self defense rally at the RI Statehouse Rotunda. 

The Rhode Island Firearm Owners' League (RIFOL) has details about the 17 gun bills to be presented and heard on that day as well as easy to complete, pre-written emails regarding the bills and our opposition to them.

The RISDA STRONGLY urges you to join the rally and send the emails. 

The Rhode Island Self Defense Alliance stands with the good people of Rhode Island.  We will expose, and then oust, all politicians who wish to mitigate our right to self defense. 

Nevertheless, the forces to take your rights away are strong, motivated, and well funded by forces outside of Rhode Island.  Support the RISDA and help us preserve our obvious and natural right to defend our children and families from those who wish to do them harm.


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