Raimondo's 2019 anti gun legislation will make a criminal out of you

With the General Assembly yet again this year packed with pro-state power and anti-self defense politicians, Gina Raimondo is pushing to make our children and families as defenseless as possible against an aggressor.  With little understanding of her own country, the principles our country was founded, and the necessity of our Second Amendment protections, Raimondo is back to proposing legislation that will instantly make criminals of many of the people who are reading this email.

She is proposing:

  1. A ban on "assault-style weapons"

  2. The prohibition of high-capacity magazine

  3. Banning guns on school grounds

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” — Thomas Jefferson

These laws alone will instantly make criminals of good people in Rhode Island and force an almost impossible decision - render your home and your family at a further disadvantage to criminals who couldn't care less about the law, or become an outlaw oneself.

To further add insult to injury, the budget being proposed seeks to threaten the nonprofit status of our gun clubs and impose unfair taxes on the purchase of firearms and ammunition.

The ONLY way to maintain our Second Amendment rights in Rhode Island is to start the process now of ousting these anti-American, anti-self defense, and dangerous politicians out of office.  The RI Self Defense Alliance is strictly focused on this very urgent goal, and we need your help.

Please join and support us today, because soon it will be too late:


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