Rhode Island politicians - defend self defense OR WE WILL SEND YOU HOME.

As a supporter of the Second Amendment and our natural right to self defense, I pledge to oppose all elected officials and candidates who seek to diminish this right regardless of political affiliation. Defending my family is my OBVIOUS, SELF-EVIDENT right, and Rhode Island lawmakers must protect law abiding citizen's obvious and natural right to keep and bear firearms. In 2016, Rhode Island placed an abysmal 42nd in Guns & Ammo ranking for Best States For Gun Owners. My lawmakers must work to make it easier for gun owners to exercise their rights through rolling back unnecessary regulations and harsh laws.


Legislators must NEVER vote to make our state an even worse place for law-abiding citizens to defend their families. I will oppose all anti-self defense initiatives that include, but not limited to:

- The criminalization of the manufacture, import, possession, purchase, sale, or transfer of any ammunition feeding device capable of accepting more than ten rounds. There is no proof that this will do anything to save lives, but it WILL limit our right to defend ourselves and our families as well as, upon passage, WILL make criminals of law abiding citizens who have done nothing wrong.

- Restrictions on carrying of firearms on public property. Gun free zones are a welcome sign to those who wish to kill or destroy the lives of those we value most.

As lawmakers vote on legislation, so I will vote next November. We must improve, not worsen, the ability of our state’s citizens to defend themselves.

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    Shall not be infringed!
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    Please reference Boston Globe article today showing that their strict gun laws, which are some of the most restrictive in the country, not only didn’t reduce the violence, violent crime including violent crimes committed with guns increased!
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    Do not outlaw my right to defend myself against any person that does not respect life and existing laws
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    Glad there’s someone out here doing the heavy lifting against Ramondo!
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    Paul A Young
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    As we face this latest assault on our Second Amendment rights, it is my opinion that the best new legislation would be a mandate for proper reporting of all disqualifying convictions, judgements, or diagnoses to the NICS Database. It has been proven that many offenders who should be denied approval to purchase a firearm are not properly reported and entered into that database, and are therefore approved for purchase. Secondly, our Federal Government should be held accountable to investigate each and every application to NICS that is denied. And if the applicant knowingly falsified the NICS form, that crime should be punished accordingly.

    It is this voter’s request that the Constitution be supported, defended, and held in higher importance than emotional outcries that would pervert the foundation of our freedoms.
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