About The Rhode Island Self-Defense Alliance

The Rhode Island Self-Defense Alliance’s sole mission is to remove from office all proven enemies of the Second Amendment  in Rhode Island.

We will do this by:

  1. Strict adherence to campaign finance laws so that all contributors are shielded from political retaliation

  2. Wholly voluntary resource sharing among all Second Amendment groups and businesses

  3. Effective and sustained voter messaging on Second Amendment issues and the Second Amendment disposition of the political class in Rhode Island

  4. Aggressive and proactive defense of Second Amendment rights

What is the Rhode Island Self-Defense Alliance?

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    An initiative of The Gaspee Project, an IRS designated 501-C-4 organization, the Alliance is a non-partisan volunteer-driven alliance that will work to coordinate efforts between various Second Amendment organizations across the state.

  • The Alliance works independently per the direction of its own steering committee, and does not take direction from any other organization.

  • Our goal is to become a centralized and potent advocate, representing 2A and self-defense supporters … by engaging in various public awareness, election/campaign, and and fundraising programs.

 Why Start the Rhode Island Self-Defense Alliance?

  • To maximize advocacy and fundraising efforts by providing supporters with access to a coordinated outreach strategy and to collect privately managed donations

  • Resource sharing

  • Message proliferation

  • Best practice sharing

  • Fundraising resources

  • Aggressive and proactive defense of 2A rights

 How will the Rhode Island Self-Defense Alliance help?

  • Privately accepting donations without fear of recrimination

  • Independent Campaign expenditures for and against second amendment supporters and opponents

  • Fundraising

  • Spreading your message

  • Direct advocacy on behalf of pro-2A politicians and against anti-2A politicians

  • Scorecard for General Assembly legislators detailing their support or opposition to our self defense rights

  • Networking and communications

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.