Gina Raimondo's Safe Schools Act Directive Endangers Every Rhode Island Child

In a stunning display of ignorance and arrogance, Gina Raimondo and her cronies yesterday put themselves above the law and your children's safety.  In a press release, Raimondo informed every violent and unstable person within driving distance of a Rhode Island school that, not only will the children in that school be defenseless, but also if there is armed security at our schools, he or she would be easily identifiable. 

Raimondo shamefully put all our children in grave danger just to score political points, months prior to an election.

Raimondo's directive is to take action on the Safe Schools Act without the legally required debate, consideration, and vote.  According to Rhode Island National Public Radio, Raimondo's directive "immediately bans guns from Rhode Island schools;" announcing with great fanfare to every person considering an act of violence that our children are now defenseless while attending school.

To further ensure our children remain as indefensible as possible, the Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education Ken Wagner further adds fuel to the fire by stating, "all firearms, including concealed-carry firearms, are hereby banned from all public school buildings and grounds by anyone other than visibly identified active law enforcement officers."


So, not only will a killer now be free to murder children and school staff unabated, but also if there are people with a means of defending the children, he or she will be "visibly identified" to ensure the most effective outcome for the deranged individual.

It is evident that Raimondo and her cronies are either:

1.  Knowingly willing to exchange the appearance of concern for our children's safety in exchange for risking their lives,


2.  Simply too daft to understand the effect of their actions.

 . . . but those are the only two possible reasons for their actions yesterday.

The ONLY way to save our children from being completely defenseless in our schools is to oust Gina and her cronies from office.  The RI Self Defense Alliance is strictly focused on this very urgent goal, and we need your help.

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